How to use zoom conferencing

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Zoom is predominately a cloud-based teamwork service, although it does give on premises services, supporting top standard point-to-point and multipoint video meeting, content sharing, individual and group chat as well as newly released audio conferencing service. Zoom is sold on a per-named user basis and has a virtual meeting room, in which those customers dial into up to two hundred members.

How to use Zoom conferencing

Zoom provides a range of content sharing and collaboration options, some special to zoom and others not generally found in video calling services. For example, the Zoom applications support quick and presence messaging between Zoom users.

Zoom content sharing features are also pretty powerful. Specifically, these systems permit users to share their desktops, a one app, or content on any AirPlay capable gadget. AirPlay service support within a video calling customer is a zoom-only ability at this time, and it jobs very well.

Zoom also contains a whiteboard feature, and helps both cloud-based and local recording. When an application is being shared, the joint window is highlight in green to ring a bell the client that his content is being shared with others. Likewise, the content share feature is twin-monitor aware.

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The Zoom Room is controlled through the Zoom Rooms iOS, and the full functionality is equal to the Zoom PC experience. Users can begin meetings, invite users, join meetings, change the screen layout, manage participants, mute video and audio, control the camera, share content, plus more using the iPad. This builds it very user friendly as almost every person can simply navigate around a Smartphone or iPad.

Zoom Rooms provide similar functionality to group video meeting systems from Lifesize, Cisco, Polycom and others, anyway, Zoom Rooms was designed to spread the Zoom ecosystem into a board room and huddle room atmosphere. Zoom does permit for SIP/H.323 endpoints to participate into Zoom meeting but cannot dial openly to a H.323 or SIP system.

Zoom is also an application-based solution with committed client applications for iOS, Linux, Android, Mac and Blackberry users. This app has made it very simple to install by packing its app as a browser plug-in which permits first-time users to install the application almost transparently when they first join a zoom conference. This is best if you are inviting community into a conference outside of your firm that are not using zoom already.

Within he Zoom app you can very simply navigate around, launching quick meetings, scheduling future meetings, view your upcoming meetings, and you also have direct access to a list of your recorded conferences.