Mar 27. 2008

Updated website
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New layout and a powerful forum engine has been installed on our website. Feel free to register! Visit our new forum by clicking here.

Mar 11. 2008

The first update of DreamStation II has been released!
DreamStation II Supports ASIO
R002! The most important update, the ASIO support is introduced, though this part of the software is still under testing! If you encounter any problems using the ASIO driver, please contact us immediately! You also can find other small bugfixes and minor changes in this revision.

Mar 11. 2008

DreamStation DXi2 updated!
A minor change had to be secured in order to get DSDXi2 to work perfectly in FL Studio 8. We have contacted the guys at Image-Line and found out why our software had problems with each other. We are happy to report that everything works perfectly with this release. Note triggering problems were reported with earlier versions.



DreamStation II

The demo version has all features enabled, except for saving. Contains demo songs, DreamStation DXi2, DSFX Chorus, DSFX Flanger, DSFX Phaser, DSFX Distortion and DSFX Reverb plugins. These plugins are unrestricted and can be freely used in other hosts, too.

DS2DemoInstall_R002.exe - 24.8 MB


DreamStation DXi2

Full version of DreamStaion DXi2 polyphonic analog synth Direct-X Istrument plugin. FREE!

DSDXi2Install.exe - 384 KB


DreamStation 1.0

Full version of our old DreamStation 1.0 soft synth workstation. Please note that the development of DreamStation 1.0 has been terminated 8 years ago, therefore it may lack of features (such as plugin support) you would expect from a workstation today. If you need a more up to date host please try DreamStation II.

DS1Install_R004.exe - 3.67 MB


DreamStation DXi2


DreamStation DXi2 DreamStation DXi2 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer plugin based on DreamStation 1.0. It can be used from within compatible host application(s) supporting DirectX Instruments.

DreamStation DXi2 acts as a single timbral (one instrument per plugin) MIDI controllable unit with a maximum of 16 voices polyphony. It responds on all MIDI channels (OMNI mode) and has stereo audio output.

Several DreamStation DXi2 plugins can be inserted and used at the same time in order to build up a multitimbral environment in your projects. The number of maximum active DreamStation DXi2 plugins depends on host application and CPU resources.

DreamStation DXi2 utilizes the same techniques featured in the standalone version; physical models of analog circuits, mathematical reproduction of analog oscillators which makes DreamStation DXi2 acting just like real analog synthesizers. You can sweep the pitch smoothly from 20Hz to 20kHz and apply the breathtaking pulse width modulation without any digital aliasing at all. A wide range of synthesized sounds can be reproduced using DreamStation DXi2, the old classical analog instruments goes without saying but also new and exciting sonic textures never heard before.

  • Subtractive synthesis combined with FM synthesis
  • 3 oscillators, multimode self oscillating IIR filter, VCA, LFO, user EG for each voice
  • Available waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, square, noise
  • Available filter types: 12dB/Octave lowpass, highpass, bandpass, 24dB/octave lowpass, formant
  • A maximum of 16 voices polyphony
  • Linear frequency modulation, hard synchronization, ring modulation, distortion
  • Supported sampling rates: 11.025Khz, 22.05Khz, 44.1Khz, 48Khz and 96Khz
  • Supported digital audio resolution: 16 to 32bits
  • Internal calculating resolution: 32 bits (with 24bit mantissa)
  • Screenshot

    DreamStation DXi2
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